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Night before moving

27th Feb 2006 - 10:02pm Daily Scribble
I have been packing all the evening for the moving tomorrow. I am surprised how much stuff I have culminated over the past 5 years. I have over 30 boxes of books, toys, clothes and misc. things. I can’t imagine how many stuff can actually…


26th Feb 2006 - 07:26pm Daily Scribble
I am perparing for my move in tuesday over the weekend. I stayed home today packing all day despite the fresh snow in the mountain. When I pack my clothes, I found really have too many clothes. I can understand one want to have as many underwears…


25th Feb 2006 - 10:32pm Daily Scribble
Today is the first time I joined the church choir. Pat have been bugged me to join her choir for a long time. Since she is now the choir director, I promised to show my support to her. Choir is not as bad as I thought. I have heard most of the hymn before.…

Church events

25th Feb 2006 - 12:36am Daily Scribble
I found that most of the social events in the church are quite mundane. Take an example, the dance party I went tonight is one of the worst party I have seen. It is as chessy as a highschool prom, and worse the people ain’t fun. This observation…


23rd Feb 2006 - 06:38pm Daily Scribble
Finally, I am officially graduated from my master degree. I have submitted my thesis to the library, got the signatures and paper done. All I have to wait for is the degree shows up in my transcript, refund two months of tuition and the convocation.…


22nd Feb 2006 - 10:00pm Daily Scribble
The lunch and learn session at work this week invited the Professional Engineer Association of BC to talk about P.Eng. application. They started with the question why apply for P.Eng. To be honest, their argument are not very convincing, other…

Thesis defense

21st Feb 2006 - 07:45pm Daily Scribble
Today I have my master thesis defense. I have been waiting for this day. I dress in my new suit going to work, everyone ask me what is the special occasion and I am happy to tell them. I did my preparation last night, rehearsed my slides, but I am still…

Books and toys

20th Feb 2006 - 07:58pm Daily Scribble
I have start packing my stuff for my move next tuesday. So far I have only finished packing my two most valuable asset groups, toys and books. I have quite a lot of toys indeed. Luckily, I keep all the original boxes, so I don’t have to worry…

Irresponsible dog owner

19th Feb 2006 - 09:33pm Daily Scribble
A friend of mine is moving back to HK. He has a golden retriver that he cannot bring along. Pat has taken care of the dog for a few weeks when he is on vacation. He asked whether Pat want to adopt the dog. It seems he didn’t have the poor dog in mind…

Whistler again

18th Feb 2006 - 06:59pm Daily Scribble
Today I went to Whistler again. Yes, two days in a row. Quite a record. This time I went to ski instead of snowmobile. Best of all, I don’t have drive. I can get a ride from a friend at work. We have a very small group today, just three of us and…
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