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deaf begger

I think many people have encountered the deaf beggars in the restaurants. They just walk into a restaurant, putting down a card on your table. Usually the card says that they are deaf and ask for donation. You can either take the card and give him money or wait for him to come back and pick up the cards after a while. This afternoon when I was having lunch at a Korean restaurant, I came across one of them. I kinda hesitate to give money to a total stranger, especially when I can’t tell he is really deaf, so I let him take back the card. After he left, I talked to Pat that we should test whether he is really a deaf. Next time if we see this type of person again, we should give him a big shout at his back, see whether he will be startled. If he is proven be a deaf, I won’t mind giving him a buck or two.

carrot and stick

I got my market adjustment number today, not very satisfying, and it’s partly related to last year’s performance review. I don’t think I am doing exceptionally well and I got myself exposed to some political turmoils in the project, so the upcoming is kinda expectable. Even though the manager promise another adjustment in 3 months time if I am up to his expectation, I am not too warm about this carrot. 3 months time is not very long, I think I can keep my head down and just do my work. I kinda feel bad that when I work really hard and got good review, nothing happened due to the bad economy. The credits vanished got after walking into one bomb and another stupidly. I have to learn the lesson and try to avoid making the same mistake again. We’ll see what is going to happen in 3 months, that would be more a proof for myself, just like finishing the master degree, rather than for the compensation.

coperate culture

This afternoon when I had a meeting with the consultants from Versity about testbench architecture in the upcoming project, the consultant make a interesting comment about his observation in PMC’s coperate culture. He pointed out that the company is quite conservative in term of adopting new methodology and trying out new things, and I totally agree with him. For many times, I got turned down on suggesting the use of new cutting-edge cool development tools and was told to stick with the old proven way. The company is like a dinosaur, avoiding risk by ignoring the potentials coming with the risk. No wonder the we are slowing losing market shares in Telecom devices, and got slaughtered in the new market section where quick innovation is the key to success. Ok… enough whimming, gota go back to my M.Eng work, so I can escape from this boring company.

whole day training

I have all day training today from 9:30a.m. to almost 5:00p.m. Even the lunch time is not free, I have to go another presentation on the USB bus. Usually people say all day long meeting is quite unproductivity. But somehow I am managed to get some work done during the training session. I guess when I’m forced to sit still inside a room with other people, all the distraction like surfing the web, walking around or talking to friends are no longer an option. So I can either listen to the boring already known materials from the instructor, or I can actually get some work done using the computer in the lab.

purpose of life

This topic somehow arised in our Lasalle email group. I guess if you ask 100 people, you will found 100 different answers. I think the quest for the purpose of life is fun but meaningless, except it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling and sophisticated chit-chat to impress your friends. One should not take it too seriously and stress himself out on those kind of mind traps. Just like religionous faith, this type of questions should just be treated as some kind of self amusment hobbies rather than an issue better than life or death. Somehow the topic later evolve into a discussion of my system of religious believes. Oh well… I guess I should starting think about a new entry in my theology/philosophy articles section. That is a piece of work I always want to write, but always too lazy to do proper research and preparation. Anyways, I should stop being distracted by this meaningless hobbies, gota concentrate on finishing my master degree first.

soccer, ryan

Today I have my second soccer game, I think I had improved a bit but because of there is no substitution player, I’m very very tried. I got to try being a goalie in the second half too. The next items I’m going to get will be a pair of shorts and goalie gloves.

Ryan who sits next to me and worked with me since the first day I joined PMC is jumping the boat too. I sorta have a feeling he will be the next one, but when I know the news today, I still have a mix feeling. I’m happy that he can escape from PMC, and I truely gave him a congratulation. On the other hand, I feel a bit let down, that we join the company about the some time, and he is now moving ahead of me. Well, can’t deny that he works much harder than I do that our team once joked he is so stress out that he will go postal and start shooting everyone. Anyways, I still wish him good luck in the new startup. Somehow I always remember Dave Culley’s mini lecture on why one should not wish other bad luck. One day I will turn it into my own mini lecture.


There is a saying that television is the idiot box. Statistic shows that when people watching TV, their brain activity drop a lot. I think TV is really a bad thing. I wasted too much time watching TV today and end up not being productive at all. I really should restrain myself from over-dosing meaningless TV programs. The worst of all is that when I was watching TV, I keep complaining how silly the show is at the same time.

Pope’s funeral

Today’s news coverage devoted a large section to Pope’s funderal. I don’t have CNN on cable and I was not really interested, so I didn’t watch it last night. Apparently, it’s a big social gathering for all the leaders of the nataions. Taiwan had made quite a process this time, as the president finally able to shake hands and talk to the leaders of other world powers. Shame on Chinese government refuse to send official representative because of the presents of Taiwan’s president. I feel kinda sorry for Prince Charles, because of the sudden death of the Pope, he has to move his wedding. No wonder people says wedding is planned but funeral just happens.

Tonight, I got dragged to a memorial service of the Pope at St. Mary. I managed to fall asleep while kneeing down during the eucharist adopration. My theory is that between half sleep and half awake is the best state to communicate with God. I feel I had gain more from the inspiration in my dreams than the boring talks from the speakers. Moreover when one is asleep, he is still listening subconciously, the message may sinks in even better. Why can’t the self-claim religious show some respect and let us sleep peacefully in church, as long as we don’t snore? Why people has to pray and worship God using nothing else but a standard template? If God havn’t say anything against sleeping in church, others people please stop making judgements on our way of worship.

network simulator

I have been sturggling with ns2 for the past 24 hours. ns2 is an open source network simulation implemented in tcl and C++. It suppose to be one of the most popular academic reseach tool in communication network. My problem right now is the compliation doesn’t seem right, when I run a sample testscript, it dies with a segmentation fault. I had tried different version under linux and cygwin without luck. Cygwin is another interesting open source program. It is like a linux emulator sitting on top of Windows, so user can compile and use unix/x-win softwares. If ns2 under cygwin still fails, I’m afraid to use brute force attack, fire up the debugger and figure out exactly what went wrong.

left and right

The email group of my highschool friends from La Salle is quite busy these few days. The death of the Pope had somehow started a political/theological discussion. I found it interest that you had know your friends for so many years, yet we havn’t dicussion this issues in depth at all. Probably we were just too young to understand the implication of all those complex world issues. The email exchanges really inspire me, give me some idea that I had never thought of. I am not surprise to see some of my friends has totally different view than myself on certian issues, judging from where they had been. It would be odd if they think the other way. Yet, it doesn’t affect our friendship, because we all know those are just BS talk anyways. Isn’t it the same in the case of most moral and political debates? The conclusion so far, Peter seems on the right, Lenny seems on the left. I split in between, right on political/economical issues, left on social/moral issues. First those who are not sure what side they are one on, try the test at political compass

My score is:
Economic Left/Right: 2.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.77